Are you a “BIRTHER” or a “MARK”.

In the old neighborhood we would get a empty Sony TV box, glue cement blocks or bricks in it, reseal it and sell it on the street for $100.00 with the story that it was a $600.00 Sony TV that fell off a FedEx truck. Anyone that bought it without opening it was labeled a “Mark” A Bernie Madoff client, a Schmuck.

The ones that wanted to see what’s in the box before they bought it, today would be labeled a “Birther”

Are you a “BIRTHER” or a “MARK”. Do you believe Obama was born in Kapi’olani hospital? If you do I have a bridge I would like to sell you. It goes from Brooklyn to Manhattan, ready for a toll booth to be installed.

A “Mark” BELIEVED BILL CLINTON WHEN HE SAID: “I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN” Then they found the stained dress. He lied and they became a “Birther”.

A “Mark” BELIEVED JOHN EDWARDS WHEN HE SAID: “THAT’S NOT MY BABY” Then the Enquirer exposed him. He lied and they became a “Birther”.

A “Mark” BELIEVED WILLIAM “FREEZER” JEFFERSON WHEN HE SAID: “I DON’T KNOW HOW THAT CASH GOT IN MY FREEZER” Then they threw him in the slammer and they knew he lied and they became a “Birther”.

A “Mark” BELIEVED LINDA LINGEL WHEN SHE SAID: "So I had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health, and we issued a news release at that time saying that the president was, in fact, born at Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. And that's just a fact and yet people continue to call up and e-mail and want to make it an issue and I think it's again a horrible distraction for the country by those people who continue this."
Then they learned she lied, Fukino's statement never identified Kapiolani as Obama's birthplace and they became a “Birther”.

Fukino said, "[I have]...personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record...,"

Beyond the lie, if Lingle disclosed Obama's birth hospital without his permission, she has committed a misdemeanor. If Obama gave permission for this public disclosure, then Hawaii no longer has a basis for maintaining the privacy of Obama's birth records.

Welcome to the new members of the growing army of “BIRTHERS”

Chris Mathews, Rush Limbaugh, Hawaii Governor Abercrombie Senator Will Espero and Hawaii Legislators; Rida Cabanilla, Jerry Chang, Joey Manahan, John Mizuno and Calvin Say to name a few.

Proud to be a “Birther”

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gov. Neil Abercrombie Has Failed To Prove Obama Was Born In Hawaii

BY ROBERT PAUL REYES - President Barack Obama has been unable to dispel the rumors that that he wasn`t born in the United States.
It`s much easier for a president to move his agenda forward if the electorate perceives him as an honest individual worthy of respect. Only 58 percent of Americans believe that Obama was born in the US, the president has a very serious credibility problem with the American public.
The rest of Obama’s term is going to be very difficult if he isn’t able to convince the public that he was born in the United States. But it doesn’t seem like the arrogant Obama cares very much what the voters think, he dismisses the concerns of those who doubt the legitimacy of his presidency.
It is incumbent upon Obama to remove all doubts, once and for all, and release his original birth certificate. That`s something that contrary to Obama apologists, he’s yet to do. The original Obama birth certificate with the name of the hospital and the doctor, his or her signature, the infant`s weight, and the national origin of the parents has NEVER been made public. Obama has only released a short-term copy of a “certificate of live birth.”
Obama seems oblivious to the controversy that swirls over his unreleased birth certificate, but the governor of Hawaii has made it his mission to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii.
“Officials in Hawaii have tracked down papers indicating that President Obama was indeed born in their state, according to its new governor.
Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who took office in December, told Honolulu`s Star-Advertiser on Tuesday that `our investigation` indicates there is a recording of his birth.
“It actually exists in the archives, written down,” he said.
The new Democratic head of the state vowed when he took office that he would do his best to end the debate over Obama`s birth, which began in 2008 during the presidential campaign.
“We`ll do what we can as quickly as we can to make it inevitable that only those who wish the President ill, only the ones with a political agenda, will be the ones doing this kind of thing,` Abercrombie told CNN in December. “The President is entitled to the respect of his office and he`s entitled to have his mother and father respected.”

Officials in Hawaii need to track down only one document: The original Obama birth certificate with the name of the hospital and the doctor, his or her signature. How difficult can it be for the governor of Hawaii to track down one document? He can dispatch hundreds of state employees to search for Obama`s birth certificate.
Governor Abercrombie stated `our investigation` indicates there is a recording of his birth.” This is nothing but doublespeak, there either is or isn`t a birth certificate. What the hell does Abercrombie mean by using the phrase “our investigation indicates”?
President Obama is entitled to the respect of his office, but he hasn`t earned that respect. The only way Obama can earn that respect is by proving he`s actually qualified to be the President of the United States.
Abercrombie has utterly failed in his mission to prove that Obama was born in the United States. To sate that “officials have tracked down papers indicating that President Obama was indeed born in Hawaii” falls woefully short of proving that Obama is a citizen of the United States. To claim that “our investigation `indicates there is a recording of his birth” doesn`t mean Jack.
Show us the money! Show us the birth certificate!

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